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Switch To Smart Inventory Management

Unique Features

Simple as excel
Pay One Time & Use For Life Time
No Renewal Charges
Unlimited User Access


Minimum-Maximum Stock Indicator
Inward-Outward Management
Item Wise & Location Wise Live Stock
Customer Wise Outward Slip
Charts & Interactive Dashboard
Item Wise Movement & Ageing Report


Useful for manufacturers, traders, stockist, distributor, etc.
Get complete control over your inventory and reduce your inventory cost.
Realtime collaborate your multi locations inventroy at centralised platform.
Access from anywhere from any device.
Controll access rights for your team members.
Get complete edit history for each entry.


  • On which technology the module is designed?
    The inventory management module is designed on Google Sheets and hence it is extremely powerful and on the same hand very easy to operate.
  • Where will my data be stored?
    The module is designed on Google Sheets hence the data will be stored in your Google Drive and you will have complete control over your data.
  • Can I get the module customised as per my specific requirements?
    Yes, in such a case you need to contact our team on However, in such a case you need to pay the customisation charges based on your requirements.
  • What if my team is not familiar with Google Sheets?
    When you buy this module, you will get access to our Google Sheets Basic course absolutely free. This course will give you a step-by-step guide on how to operate Google Sheets.
  • Can I control access rights of my team members?
    Yes, you can allow edit rights as well as view only rights to control the access rights of your different team members.
  • What if by mistake my data is deleted?
    Google Sheets offers the feature of restore data and using this feature you can restore to your last version.
  • Can I check the edit history of each entry?
    Google Sheets offer cell wise edit history, using this feature you can keep a track of every change along with date, time and the editor.
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Reviews From Our Learners

I need to travel frequently on business trips, lot of my time was wasted in monitoring and team follow up. With Google Sheets I can monitor all operations from my cell phone and can easily get the insights. The solution designed by really helped me to save a lot of my precious time, now I can focus more on business development and growth.

Bhargav Patel
Jay Brass Industries

Automate Your Business 

Get your business on sheets and unlock your growth
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