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Simple and very easy to operate

Customisable as per your requirements

Built on world class technology

Accessible from any device

Provides MIS reports for data analysis

Above all it matches your budget


Are you looking for
an ERP which is

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If yes, then you are at the right place.
We design completely customised business automation solutions using Google Sheets which are extremely powerful, very easy to use and above all within your budget
Using our solutions you can automate all your activities covering inventory management, production management, purchase order management, sales order management, job work management, HR management, etc. 

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Automate All Your Processes

Powerful Dashboard

Customised reports specially designed for your organisation will help you to monitor key insights of business, manage better planning and make data driven decisions.

Customer Order Management

Switch to a smart way to compile, manage and monitor customer orders. Automate all the processes from receipt of order to dispatch of goods.

Sales Force Management

Empower your sales team with digital platform to collect, manage and track sales orders. Analyse and optimise performance of your sales team and unlock your growth.

Purchase Order Management

Eliminate manual processes by digitalising your procurement process from order placement to payment, get real time data to track each transaction and improve your procurement planning.

Production Management

Track output of each department along with wastage/rejection, check efficiency of each department, identify areas of improvement and optimise the entire production process.

Inventory Management

Get real time tracking of every item, identify non moving items blocking your funds, ensure uninterrupted flow of in-demand items and  maximise return  on investment.

Job Work Management

Automate entire process from dispatch of material to receipt of processed goods, manage real time tracking of every transaction, reconcile goods sent and received and get complete control on your job work process.

Quality Management

Design a customised finished goods and raw material quality management system as per the unique requirements of your business and ensure delivery of best-in-class products and boost your growth. 

Human Resource Management

Automate your day-to-day workflows of the HR team as per requirements of your business and get multiple reports to analyse the performance. 

Accounts and Finance Integration

Integrate Google Sheets with your accounting software and experience flawless data integration and eliminate duplication to a great extent.

Why sheets
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Why Google Sheets


Google Sheets is a cloud based platform designed on world class technology and is very powerful but on the same hand very easy to operate. 


As it is cloud based, data will not be attached to any specific PC which means data can be accessed from any location and from any device including mobile phone.


With the powerful sheet sharing feature, multiple team members can collaborate and work on the same spreadsheet from their location and on the same hand the rights of each user can be controlled, this feature eliminates a lot of duplication and minimises the chances of error to a great extent.


Variety of features like cell wise edit history, comment feature, sheet/range protection, ready to use charts for analysis, etc. offers multiple advantages which will help to keep your data organised and will also boost the productivity of your team to a great extent.

Why us

Why Us


We are automation experts having experience and expertise in business automation using Google Sheets for more than 7 years. We have successfully implemented Google Sheets in several businesses and all of them got unbelievable results.


Based on experience of working with different businesses we have gained expertise in understanding every process of business.


By blending our expertise and experience and using our refined methodologies designed after research on many companies we can offer a completely customised powerful solution specifically designed as per the requirements of your business with guaranteed implementation.


Our solutions based on Google Sheets are not only extremely powerful but on the same hand are very easy to operate and above all will always be within your budget.

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About us

About Us


We are a team of Chartered Accountants having experience of more than 7 years in technological upgradation of businesses using Google Sheets.


Our Google Sheets business automation journey started in 2015 when our founder CA Bhavesh Chandarana started his search for a perfect technological solution to automate his processes. 


After a lot of study, he concluded that standard ready to use products were not effective in delivering desired results and customised solutions were expensive and time consuming and chances of failure were high. 


After analysing several different products he finally decided to use Google Sheets to automate his business processes and the outcome was beyond his expectations. 


With the motto of passing the advantage of business automation using Google Sheets he started his own Google Sheets business automation consultancy.


He is on a mission to help every organisation to get its Business on Sheets.

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I need to travel frequently on business trips, lot of my time was wasted in monitoring and team follow up. With Google Sheets I can monitor all operations from my cell phone and can easily get the insights. The solution designed by really helped me to save a lot of my precious time, now I can focus more on business development and growth.

Bhargav Patel
Jay Brass Industries

Automate Your Business 

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Get your business on sheets and unlock your growth
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